Key Themes Expertise
Ahidoba de Franchi Mandscheff Business education; Collaborative learning; Course design; Credit transfer; E-learning/Use of ICT; Educational Strategy; Evaluation; Flexible/Open/Distance learning; Quality Improvement; Staff development/support; Student support; Vocational education
Alfredo Soeiro Quality management, Organizer, EFQM, Trainer, Quality manual
Alison J Hughes Quality assurance, Service support, Delivery, Quality manual, Course development, Strategic organisational development
Andrea Waxenegger Organizer and Supplier, Quality Management
Andrée Collot Trainer, Organizer, Product designer, Quality plan, Accreditation
Anikó Kálmán Educational Strategy; Evaluation; Evidence/Competence based learning; Mentoring; Personal development; Postgraduate study; Professional updating; Self-study; Staff development/support; Teachers (school); Vocational education
Anna Zbierzchowska Teacher, Postgraduate studies, Quality management, Quality evaluation, TQM
Antonio Sorella Teacher, Trainer, Organizer, Quality assurance, Quality control
Aune Valk APL;Teacher; TQM; e-learning/use of ICT
Barbara Kaup Organizer, Teacher, Trainer, Supplier, Quality control
Carol Stewart Professional updating/Accreditation/Staff Development
Claude Alquié APL/VAP/VAE, professionnal updating, course design, EFQM, quality rules
Daiva Dumciuviene Teacher, Trainer, Quality assurance, Quality control, Quality management
Giuliana Parodi Flexible/Open/Distance learning; Self-study; Teacher; handicap
Helka Urponen Accreditation; Personal development; Postgraduate study; Professional updating; Accreditation of CE programmes
Ian Taylor Evaluation; Quality improvement; TQM; delivery
Ina Grieb Organizer; Teacher; Trainer; Supplier; Quality control
Ion Dumitru EFQM; Teacher; TQM; Trainer; Quality assurance
Jenny Pange Collaborative learning; E-learning/Use of ICT; Educational Strategy; Teachers (school)
Kari Seppälä UCE management, Project management, Evaluation, Quality audit, Quality management
Marijana Jazbec Postgraduate study; Quality Improvement; Team (Group) working/learning
Mary Claire Halvorson Teacher, trainer, delivery, quality management, quality assurance
Mónica López Sieben Manager, Quality Management System, Excellence European Model (EFQM), Continuing Education, National Network
Paolo De Maria Teacher- Organizer.
Pat Davies Access, Accreditation, APEL etc/Evaluation/Portfolio building
Patricia-Anne Moore Access; APL/VAP/VAE; Evidence/Competence based learning; Flexible/Open/Distance learning; Mentoring; Personal development; Staff development/support; Work based Learning (WBL); links between community education and universities; citizenship through education
Pirjo Oinas Course design; Postgraduate study
René de la Fonteijne Accreditation; Collaborative learning; Course design; Educational Strategy; Inspection; Kitemarking; Peer review; Staff development/support
Rob Mark Teacher; Staff Development; Access; Adult Returners; Student support
Rosa Miranda Teacher; ISO; Quality Improvement; TQM
Toril Eikaas Eide Course design; E-learning/Use of ICT; Flexible/Open /Distance learning; Staff development/support; Team (Group) working/learning
Vlastimil Bejcek Acess; accreditation; course design; elearning/use of ICT; flexible/open/distance learning; Language learning; professional updating; student support; Teachers (school); work based learning;Service Support
Wolfgang Juette Quality management, Research, Participation and Quality