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Q Project Phases Embedding


  1. In adult education quality can be permanent only when the staff is committed to continuous professional learning. Making use of the results calls for determined staff development.
  2. In the planning phase it is useful to define the results in connection to your initial motivations and defined aims (coherence/congruence!)
  3. Be careful to assure that all the key players can gain from the results of quality work including the students, teachers, tutors, managerial staff, the board of adult education and the university leadership.
  4. Make a plan and a budget for the task of transferring the results into the daily life of education early enough.
  5. Think of the results within adult education as a part of the results within university`s outreach activities and external impact in general.
  6. Beware the risk of carrying out a project that lives a life of its own or one that is experienced as "additional work". The quality work can be effective only in relation to the core tasks and activities.