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Q Project Phases Evaluation

Evaluation is a concept that will bring different kinds of activities into people's minds. In the universities it may have to do e.g. with the learning results, the quality of teaching as well as the total quality management. In the EQUIPE quality tool evaluation refers to the evaluation of the quality project.

The evaluation functions that we are dealing with emphasize wide coverage, continuity and developmental aims. Not only the outcomes of the project, but also the structures, processes and working practices need our constant care. Evaluation is an activity that has to be designed as a part of the project plan, not after the project. The idea of evaluation is to support skilful managing of the project. This part of the tool analyses the various viewpoints to evaluation in quality projects. The main question that you should answer in this section is:

How can evaluation support the implementation of the project?

For answering this question you have a collection of resources. These include a list of supportive questions in "Planning Questions", a description of the relevant "Issues", some "Recommendations" based on previous experience and some "Evaluation Questions".

You can use some or all of them to clarify your thinking. You will probably find a certain order and emphasis between the resources that will suit your way of thinking.

After having a look at the resources, you will have a chance to write down your ideas in the "Wrinting Page" and to remind yourself of the most important items in "To Remember" .

You can use a "Writing Page" and "To Remenber" in every phase and they will be available to you next time you enter with the same login.

In every moement you can go to the "Making It an Entirety" and print the whole plan (constructed with the Writing Page from every phase) at the moment you decide.