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Q Project Phases Evaluation

Evaluation Questions

  1. Was the overall project a success? How do you justify that judgement ?
  2. Did you meet the needs of the primary target group ?
  3. Do those actors whose needs were not completely met understand the reasons ?
  4. Was the project rooted in the daily life of the university/department?
  5. Could you have achieved your objectives more effectively ?
  6. Could you have used the available resources to produce better results?
  7. Were there some unexpected results that you should have foreseen ?
  8. Are they arrangements to ensure further learning after the end of the quality project ?
  9. What were the strengths of the project ?
  10. What were the weaknesses?
  11. If you were doing it again, what would you do differently?
  12. Is there a reflection planned for ensuring the developments of the quality after the end of the project ?