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    1. In your context, is it better to organise a one-time project (e.g. evaluation) or to construct a permanent arrangement of quality?
    2. How can you assure that the results of the quality work support both the studies of the adult learner and the university that produces educational services?
    3. What is your idea of quality? Making use of the results is different if you construct a system of quality compared to enhancing quality through process or practice approach.
    4. It is not realistic to aim at all the results immediately after the project. Which are the most important and feasible aims in short time?
    5. When do you want to see the results? Is it totally up to the project or might you need the results at a certain time e.g. because of the annual plans or external audits?
    6. Might the university as a whole or some parts of the university gain from the experiences of your quality project in adult education?