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The Issues

The process of setting up the chosen model within a higher education establishment will determine the scope and organisational structure of the project, along with the development of the action plan and the means and methods to be used.

The aspects to be taken into consideration in doing this are:

  • The structure of the organisation for the project - the chain of command; the quality working party (project team with complementary skills). The process for setting up the model may be constructed as a top-down approach (as in London) or bottom-up (as in Lausanne and Porto)
  • Human resources - the identification of people with the relevant knowledge and skills
  • Financial resources – the identification of funding sources and the sums available to the project.
  • Planning - ‘unpacking’ the defined objectives; allocating responsibilities; devising appropriate methods, tools, budget, deadlines and so on.
  • Ways and means - choosing methods and tools appropriate to the project (quality training for participants, quality management tools, a timetable, financial estimates, dissemination methods).
  • Project management - the process of implementing the project; leadership; lines of communication; the co-ordination of the key people involved.