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    1. Is the quality project organised in a well-structured way (with a chain of command, resources, project team and participants)?
    2. Is the communications network between everybody involved clear and well defined?
    3. Is the action plan sufficiently clear in relation to the agreed criteria of the selected model?
    4. Are the methods and tools well-chosen in the light of the action plan and the quality project as a whole?
    5. Have the members of the project team received training in quality issues and methodology?
    6. Does the project make good use of the complementary skills of the team members?
    7. Have the different aspects of the advance planning (funding and timetable) been carefully considered?
    8. Is the action plan familiar to the whole team?
    9. Is the methodology familiar to and accepted by all the participants?
    10. Does the team have a leadership that is accepted and able to communicate with all levels of the hierarchy?
    11. Are the various stakeholders really committed to the quality project?
    12. Are the most important activities defined in relation to the budget and the timetable?