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    1. Is there a national quality system for universities?
    2. Is there a quality system in your university?
    3. How could the quality system at your university be better described, as a top-down or as a bottom-up process?
    4. Have different quality systems been used in your university?
    5. Given the context of your project, do you have to restrict yourself to an already existing quality model(s) or are you free to define your own model?
    6. Does there exist within the university a clear definition of the concept of quality for adult education?
    7. Why can your project be called a "quality project in adult education"?
    8. How could your project be best described, as a form of accreditation, an audit, a review, an assessment, an evaluation, or something else?
    9. Are you clear about the different characteristics of the main existing standard models.
    10. Have you looked for other projects similar to yours?
    11. Are the criteria considered in your project clearly identified?
    12. Have you considered the advantages and disadvantages of the different models?
    13. Would some type of certification (ISO, for example) be valuable for your project?