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Welcome to the pages of the EQUIPE Quality Learning Tool (EQUIPE QLT):

As a part of the EQUIPE project outcomes this tool will help you design a quality project within lifelong learning in a higher education institution.

This tool:

  • is intended for professionals in UCE/LLL, who are planning to start a quality project
  • follows the phases of a quality project
  • presents thematic issues, recommendations as well as planning and evaluation questions
  • offers you the experience of previous projects and initiatives

By using this tool you are able to draft a scheme for a LLL/UCE quality project in your institution.

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EQUIPE Quality Learning Tool is a product that makes use of a wide network of expertise:

The origins of the tool date back to the EQUAL project (Educational Quality in University Adult Learning) in 1999-2000 chaired by Alain Chevillard and Martial Thiriot in the University of Franche-Comte. The partners were Isabel Miranda from the University of Porto, Armando Palomar from the University of Barcelona, Stephane Jacquemet from the University of Geneva, Monique Baud from the University of Lausanne, Patricia Davies from the City University of London and Kari Seppälä from the University of Turku.

The products of the EQUAL project were further developed by the EUCEN Task Force for Quality (ETFQ) in 2001. The main contributors were Stephane Jacquemet from the University of Geneva and Armando Palomar from the University of Barcelona.

The EQUAL handbook and the contributions by ETFQ were transformed into an internet learning tool by an EQUIPE project second year “Virtual Handbook Task Force” chaired by Kari Seppälä from the University of Turku. Monica Lopez from the Technical University of Valencia managed the website construction and Mary Claire Halvorson from the University of London checked the language. Magda Banicova and Petr Vavrin from the Brno University of Technology, Claude Alquié from the University of Pierre and Marie Curie (Paris VI), Andrea Waxenegger from the University of Graz and Ahidoba de Franchi from the University of Geneva were the exceptionally active members of the Task Force.

The management and partners of the EQUIPE project gave valuable feedback during the piloting phase.


The Technical University of Valencia (UPV) ensures that the data you wish to incorporate into the EQUIPE Quality Learning Tool (EQLT) will be exclusively for your own use and will be available to you during your next visit.