Q in LLL Materials Introduction  

There is plenty of literature about quality. There is also plenty of literature about lifelong learning even in the academic sphere. But not too much has been written about the quality of lifelong learning at universities. Naturally, a part of the general writings about quality will support your thinking, but in addition to the similarities there are many differences between the traditional academic education and lifelong learning at universities. The materials in the EQUIPE Quality Learning Tool (EQLT) were mostly produced by the projects EQUAL and EQUIPE with the special essence of academic adult education in mind.

Clicking the blue circle in the EQUIPE QLT will offer you:

    • a general note of the risks and reasons of a quality project in this field
    • some key concepts
    • analysis of the specific steps of the learning pathway and their interrelationships to quality
    • links to EQUAL project case studies (Please note that the EQUAL case studies describe projects that took place some years ago: there is still a lot to learn from them, but they do not describe the current situation of these universities.)
    • links to EQUIPE case studies