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EQUAL was a transnational project funded through the Socrates adult education programme in 1998-2000 dealing with the theme of “Educational Quality in University Adult Learning”.

The project collected and analysed the experiences of six quality projects in six European universities. Please note that the EQUAL case studies describe projects that took place some years ago: there is still a lot to learn from them, but they do not describe the current situation of these universities.


The article “Constructing quality” (collected by Patricia Davies and Kari Seppälä, based on the preparation of all the partners) reports the main findings of the EQUAL project as seen at the end of the project:

Davies, P. & Seppälä K. (2001) Constructing Quality. European University Adult and Continuing Education. Lifelong Learning in Europe 2/2001 116-122

“Designing and managing a quality project in university adult and continuing education” is the final report of the EQUAL project (1998-2000)

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