Making It an Entirety Making It an Entirety  
Making It an Entirety

The parts of a machine may be strong as such, but the machine will only function if the various parts fit well together. Likewise, a quality project can only function if its phases as well as the structures and processes construct a meaningful whole. The main question that you should answer before your scheme covers the whole quality project is:

How to make the project work as a logical and fluent set of activities?

Once you have passed through the phases of the EQUIPE quality tool you have drafted the elements of a scheme for your quality project, and it is the time to ensure that the pieces of the puzzle fit together. If you wrote down the things on “Writing Pages”, you will be able to look your reminders at "To Remember". Take a look at them and think again, will this work?

You can analyse the scheme in more detail by clicking to see all the texts you have written.

ejercicios: Project Plan

At this final stage of your exercise you might benefit from a glance to the various pages you have gone through. For example, looking at the ’Risks and Reasons’ may safeguard your time and workload.The evaluation questions for embedding will help you to remember the fundamentals of your work. The evaluation pages include themes that should be helpful both in the evaluation of the scheme you have drafted and the evaluation of a real-life quality project.